Monday, December 03, 2007

The OBO Foundry: Coordinated Evolution of Ontologies to Support Biomedical Data Integration

The Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) Foundry is an attempt to develop a suite of reference ontologies to support data integration across the entire domain of biomedical research. Thus it shares some of the goals of HL7, including the desire to bring about prospective standardization in support of interoperability and cumulativity of biomedical data. In contrast to HL7, however, the Foundry takes a modular approach that is rooted in the division of expertise of biological scientists.

The OBO Foundry welcomes criticism, and a description of the initiative, published in Nature Biotechnology, is now available here. Alternative link here.


John Gordon said...

It is a wee bit ironic that a fundamentally open initiative was published in completely closed journal.

An open source journal would have been better. I assume the authors did not retain copyright?

Barry Smith said...

In fact Nature Biotechnology does publish a significant fraction of its content as open access articles, and this is so in the present case. The link, therefore, should point to the published paper.